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Meet the best professional photographer, wedding planners, DJs, and videographers!

If you are looking forward to your upcoming grand wedding and searching for the perfect vendors to take care of the wonderful tasks involved in your wedding, you have found the right place. Welcome to Wedding Lenox, the online directory for wedding resources in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Michigan, San Francisco and California....

What are the possible requirements and resources for any wedding to be successful?

Everything from wedding photography to the DJ, from the florist to the videographer is sought after for any wedding, regardless of whether it is on a lavish or a moderate scale. Do you require a wedding planner that can undertake extensive planning of the entire event, caterers that make sure that the best food is made available for your wedding, a professional photographer that ensures every aspect of the wedding is captured on camera? Do you also need the assistance of a makeup artist that takes care of the hairstyles and makeup needs of the bride and the bridegroom? All of the above are components of the wedding that cannot be neglected at any cost!

We are the best link between any wedding vendors and customer. Engaged couples who look for wedding planners and DJs, caterers, professional photographers, wedding makeup specialists and decorators can find the resources here, while vendors can list their offering on our site for free!

We strive to make any wedding in Chicago, San Francisco, California, Michigan, New York and Los Angeles an memorable event that will last for many years to come!

For those of you downunder in Australia, we also offer a wide range of wedding services, planners, event co-ordinators and actual wedding venues. We hope you utilize our services and information as that is what we are here for! Our partner sites in Australia, specifically in Melbourne - are cocktail venues at For your next event in Melbourne be sure to contact them at their website for a quote.

Christmas Gift Baskets & Hamper Ideas

Are you planning to gift your loved ones a Christmas gift? Luxury christmas gift hampers are truly a special gift of the season, whether it's a gift for a loved one or a gift for your own family. There is nothing better than opening a luxury basket and seeing all the food and luxury drinks that would normally be extravagant in any other season. Here are some tips for Christmas baskets: What to include? There are different sizes, ranging from a single bottle of wine to enough food and drinks for a whole family. This flexibility and size choice makes it an ideal gift for the whole family. Christmas baskets can hold almost anything. They can be decorated with flowers. You can also include small to medium non-food gift items such as pens, blank notebooks, sticky notes, and more. As a giver, you can choose to give a large basket with enough food and wine for the whole family or a small basket as cheaper Christmas decorations. In any case, it saves time and effort when a separate gift is purchased for each member of a family or couple. When choosing a Christmas hamper, remember all parties that will have access to it. Often a family receives a Christmas basket. So don't make the mistake of buying one that contains things like adults. There are toy baskets and sweets for the little ones to include. Home delivery One of the biggest problems in buying Christmas presents is the overpopulation of shopping malls, car parks and main roads in the country. For many people, the idea of Christmas shopping frightens them thinking that they have to bend down in front of the crowd to even have a look at the shelves. By ordering Christmas baskets online, purchases are relieved that you don't even have to leave home! All available products are listed in an orderly fashion with pictures of their presentation that can be ordered at the touch of a button. They are also delivered to the door of your recipient so that gifts can be sorted without leaving the comfort of your home.

Custom Christmas baskets You may think that christmas gift hampers may seem like an impressive gift, but it has little or nothing to do with the wishes and personality of the recipient. Lobsters can be thought of as some kind of anonymous gift that everyone can send and receive, possibly offending close friends and relatives who might suggest that you have not thought about their personality on delivery. This is not the case. The selection of baskets means that you can choose according to your tastes. For example chocolate hampers for a chocoholic or a basket of wine and cheese for someone who likes and enjoys it. In addition, many baskets can be customized with names and messages. This shows that not only did you think about the contents of the basket, but also about how you say "Merry Christmas".

Basket decoration The decoration of the basket is as important as the real objects. These baskets can be placed in living rooms, on tables or on a coat and designed to be visually appealing. They are often covered with colored fine paper or wrapping paper. This creates a background for the articles, which themselves often look attractive.

Once items are placed in the basket, you can attach ribbons to them. It's pretty easy to tie up just about anything so that gift basket retailers can use it generously. Often include other items such as flowers or streamers. To choose the right Christmas hamper from a decorative point of view, just think of who will receive it. Think about their personal style and the decor of their home and look for the best partner. Prepacked hampers advantages The advantage of prepackaged hampers is that they contain a number of popular gifts that almost everyone can appreciate. And they save you the trouble of building your own basket. Before you buy, make sure you know what's in the basket. Again, this should be for everyone who will be accessing the basket. Resist the temptation to grab everything. Although these gifts should be used one way or another in situations where you do not know exactly what to bring to someone for Christmas, you must still select them with care and attention. The recipient will appreciate more this type of gift when it feels that it was specially chosen for them.