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Member Questions
1. Who qualify as a Member?
Members are defined as engaged couples who are looking for wedding service providers. You are getting married and need help finding wedding professionals.
2. Will my information be used only by your company?
We respects your privacy and we will only release your info to our listing vendors if you agree to put it on the search result by selecting the checkbox “Add my request to search results” or if you agree to send your request out to qualified vendor by selecting the “Send my request to qualified professionals” check box.
3. Is it free to register as a member?
Yes, it is absolutely free to members using our website.
4. How do I rate a vendor? 
There are two ways you can rate a vendor. 1. Vendor will send you a rating request after the services have been performed. 2. You can search for the Vendor and click on “rate this vendor” from the page.
5. How do I have vendors to contact me automatically? 
You need to register as a member, fill out the information specifying your need, and check the box “Send my request to qualified professionals”. This allows us to identify the vendors that meet your criteria and send your info to these qualified vendors only. Vendors who match your criteria will then be able to leave you messages on our message box for your review.
6. What is “Add my request to search results”?
This is another check box you may check when you are filling out the online registration form.  This allows us to add your special request to our database for vendors to search and contact you directly.
7. After I registered, how do I login? 
You will receive a confirmation email, then you simply click on a link from the email to activate your account.  This activate link will be used for first time only.  For the second time or thereafter, you simply go to WeddingCup, Member Area, to login to your existing account.
8. Can I change my personal information? 
Yes, you can go to “Edit Profile” after you login to your account to change your personal information.
9. If I am looking for multiple vendors (service providers), how do I add request?
You should login to your account, then click “Add Request” to add additional services.
10. Where can I see the list of vendor service requests? 
After you login you will see a list of vendors services that you are interested.  Or you can click “My Events”.
11. Can I change my password? 
You can change your password from the member control panel
12. If I forgot my password, can I retrieve it? 
Yes, you will see a link “forgot password” on the login page.   The password information will then email to you.
13. What is “Remember me each visit”?
When you check the box, it will eliminate the login process and log you in the next time you visit the website.
14. What is “Messages”? 
The message will allow you to communicate with the vendors using our website.
Can’t find your answer here? You can contact us at info@Weddinglenox.com and a representative will contact you within 24 hours. If you wish to contact via telephone, leave us your phone number and the most convenience time to call. 

Vendor Questions 

1. Who qualify as a Vendor?
Vendors are defined as wedding service providers. You are a Wedding professional (Video/Photographer, DJs, Caterer, Musician, Wedding Planner...etc)
2. Will my information be used only by WeddingCup?
We respects your privacy and your information will only be used by this site.
3. What are the differences between “Free vendor listing” and “Platinum vendor listing”?  What are the benefits?
Free vendor listing - allows vendors to list their information on our database for FREE.  It allows members to search for your service using our search engine.
Platinum vendor listing - has numerous benefits:
        Retrieve requests posted by members on our site
        Receive email alert on member’s requests
        Contact member directly
        Randomly displayed on home page
        Display on top of search as Platinum member
        Thumbnail display, 5 images
4. For platinum vendors, how do I get leads? 
You will receive automatic emails from us with the member’s info and specific criteria that met your servicing goal.
5. What is the cost of Platinum Vendor listing?
$19.99 for 30days.
6. How do I get billed?
The billing cycle is by every 30 days period. You can change billing preference from your control panel.
7. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa/Master cards, American Express.
8. Is credit card transaction on your site secure? 
Yes. The credit card transaction on our website is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Secure Socket Layer Encryption guarantees that any personal data (such as your credit card number) is securely scrambled before it is sent over the Internet, and can only be unscrambled by the company that is receiving it. Breaking this type of encryption is virtually impossible, and to date there are no cases of fraud from decrypting credit card numbers from a Secure Socket Layer transmission. Transactions will not be permitted if your browser does not accept SSL encryption.
Can’t find your answer here? You can contact us at info@Weddinglenox.com and a representative will contact you within 24 hours. If you wish to contact via telephone, leave us your phone number and the most convenience time to call.